New floor gives advocates of Augusta’s Colonial Theatre something to build on

Photo by Gary Peachey

Photo by Gary Peachey

The downtown Augusta theater is closer to being safe for small groups of people, which will help fundraising efforts.

AUGUSTA — For the first time in many years, visitors to the long-vacant but historic Colonial Theatre won’t have their attention captured by a hard-to-ignore ugly gaping hole occupying the middle of the floor just in front of the silenced dusty stage.

Workers replacing the floor of the theater are wrapping up their work, aiming to finish later this month. That will cover the big hole in the main floor of the theater that went all the way through to the basement.

The hole, likely caused by years of water leaking into the structure through a since-replaced leaky roof, was hard to miss. And hard to ignore, even for advocates who are working to raise funds to restore the former movie house to turn it back into a draw to help bring people to the city’s likewise tarnished but on-the-mend downtown.

“We’re excited — fixing that giant hole is huge,” said Michael Hall, a member of the theater’s board of directors, and executive director of the Augusta Downtown Alliance, a group committed to revitalizing the downtown area. “We’re looking forward to people’s reactions when they can finally get in the theater and see the progress.”

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