Community Compass: Augusta needs a theater

By Andrew Silsby, President and CEO of Kennebec Savings Bank

Every project needs to begin with a solid foundation. As president and CEO of Kennebec Savings Bank, I mean that both literally and figuratively. When we finance new construction loans for our customers, they start their journey as a homeowner when the concrete is poured. That foundation sets the stage for the building to begin.

Communities have foundations, too. They are built from the historical fabric of our towns and cities across Maine. Communities large and small have their signature spots where people gather — from downtown diners to historical theaters and museums and parks. These places help bring us together and share common interests with one another. They are a collection of old and new, as well as reminders of the days of our past and signs of our future. It is our responsibility to ensure these places thrive within our communities.

In Augusta our Capitol City, like many other cities, we have these iconic places, many of them. Our own headquarters on State Street is in the Tappan-Viles Mansion, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We have been fortunate to maintain this building over the years — but not all of these places have been well preserved. Read full article by Andrew Silsby on 

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