Augusta’s Colonial Theater announces grant

The $15,000 historic preservation grant will help pay for repairing the theater's badly damaged floor.

AUGUSTA — Richard Parkhurst talks about renovation plans during a February tour at the Colonial Theatre in Augusta. Staff file photo by Joe Phelan

A $15,000 grant from the Belvedere Historic Preservation Fund will help those behind the renovation of Augusta’s Colonial Theatre complete work on theater’s subfloor by the end of the year.

The gift was approved recently by directors of the Maine Community Foundation.

“What’s important is that people are taking notice a bit that we have our act together,” Tobias Parkhurst, president of the Augusta Colonial Theatre, said Tuesday. “Individuals, companies and foundations are recognizing that this is a viable project.”

Maggie Drummond-Bahl, senior program officer for the Maine Community Foundation, said that in choosing what applications to fund, the foundation’s directors consider buildings with historic significance, buildings that are threatened or in bad shape with urgent repairs needed, the readiness of the organization seeking the money and whether the group can get the work done.

“This is definitely a gift the grants committee was happy to make,” Drummond-Bahl said. “Everyone recognized the landmark this building is and are energized by the momentum in that area of Augusta.” Read full article by Jessica Lowell on

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